Battery vehicles and CGEM.
    specialized skills and
    many years of experience

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The battery vehicle allows the transport of large quantities of gas.

In this field, RECOMA combines the experience gained in the ADR sector with great flexibility in design.

It is possible to develop different and customized configurations for volumes, operating pressures and conditions of use, so as to meet the needs of each type of customer.

The main types of battery vehicles include for example 9, 11 or 12 large capacity pressure hoses.


The MEGCs (Multiple-Elements Gas Containers) are a transportable set of pressure containers indicated especially for those applications in which the required quantity of gas is high and in cases in which it is preferred to have autonomous structures without being bound to the availability of a dedicated vehicle.

The RECOMA Technical Office designs both battery vehicles and MEGCs, taking into account the most suitable materials and technologies, in order to offer the best solution; all this thanks to specialized skills and many years of experience.