Bundles of cylinders
    TPED, PED and Offshore

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RECOMA is certified to manufacture cylinder bundles of transportable TPED cylinders or to carry out the re-assessment of conformity in TPED of non-TPED cylinders.

The product, always in compliance with the Regulations, can also be customized and adapted to the customer’s needs.

The customization can concern the containers (made of steel or composite material), the working pressure, the equipment and the control and management tools present on the cylinder bundle.

In addition to TPED structures (transportable cylinder bundles) RECOMA also manufactures PED structures (cylinder bundles of non-transportable cylinders) and Offshore cylinder bundles. The latter are manufactured with all the tricks that make them suitable for use in specific situations, such as during transport by ship or for use on oil rigs.

Each project is developed by the RECOMA Technical Office with a dual purpose: to choose and to use the best materials and technologies suited to the target and at the same time to offer the best solution for the customer.

3D modeling allows you to prefigure the final product and perform preventive checks on the project. The construction of the prototype, the tests, both destructive and non-destructive, the certification in compliance with the Regulations and Standards are the necessary steps for placing the product on the market. All this is done internally by RECOMA.